Friday, November 18, 2011

HELP!!! What do I feed her?

My foodie friends I need your help.  Last Friday I took Maisie in for her yearly physical and while the doctor said she was doing great and she’s healthy, strong and growing along her percentile curve she was concerned about Maisie’s allergies.  We have never had Maisie tested for allergies and I guess that it was always assumed that she had pollen allergies but lately pollen counts are at almost zero and Maisie is still suffering.  So last Friday they drew blood and today the doctor called with the results and that’s why I need your help.  Maisie’s tests showed that she didn’t have any pollen or environmental allergies but that she is allergic to egg whites, milk and wheat.  Just frikkin great because that accounts for all her favorite foods.

IMG_2204eIt’s ironic because just yesterday on our family blog, Moments with Maisie, I posted that Maisie eats Nutella on wheat bread almost every morning and now there is nothing in that sentence which she can have as obviously the bread has wheat and Nutella contains milk…Cr@p!!

Maisie’s favorite foods are pasta, cheese, Nutella, eggs and dumplings and it’s from the cheese, Nutella, eggs and dumplings where she gets most of her protein as she’s not a huge meat eater.  So my dear helpful readers I need your help with food options for my girl as I have no idea what to feed her now that I need to remove egg whites, milk and wheat from her diet and I’m freaking out!  Truly, anyone who has experience with this I would appreciate your comments and recipe suggestions. 

In other food related news, I still have to plan my Thanksgiving menu but just haven’t had time to think about it yet.  I do know that we are going to have Spice Rubbed Turkey with Cognac Gravy, the same turkey as last year as it was freaking amazing and I don’t even really care for turkey but I’m looking forward to having this one again.  Past the turkey I just don’t know yet but I’ll figure it out.  If you’re still looking for a fabulous turkey recipe, just click on the picture to be taken to the recipe.

Spice Rubbed Turkey with Cognac Gravy



  1. I would recommend in seeing a naturalist to assess her diet and what she can tolerate. my daughter had a lot of problems until she saw someone who was attune to her bodies needs. It meant some drastic diet changes but she is doing so much better!

  2. It sounds like you have a lot of research to do. I don't know anything about food allergies, but if Nutella is one of Maisie's favorite foods, I would be contacting Nutella to see if they offer a milk free product. It's worth a try. And the Silk pure Almond is fantastic for a milk replacement. Good luck to you and Maisie, and have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

  3. I know how hard it is when you find something like this out. I am married to a guy who can't eat any of the five grains.

    I can tell you that the wheat can be avoided rather easily. There are many grains that you will be able to bake with.

    There are egg substitutes and milk substitutes. I use Rice Dream or soy or almond milk.

    Soon, you will be cooking for her like a pro and she will love it all. Just give it time.

    If I can help, please ask.


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