Monday, April 9, 2012

Fruit, Nut & Poppy Seed Chicken Salad

IMG_3721eI was very excited this month when I received my Secret Recipe Club assignment as I was assigned Amy’s A Little Nosh, a blog which I have followed for a long time and one where, when I have my act together, I participate in her weekly Tastetastic Thursday blog hop.  Since I’ve been a long time reader of Amy’s blog it didn’t take me ages and ages to find a recipe that I wanted to make as I already had a few of hers saved in my “need to make” file.  For some reason most of the recipes included using chicken like her Spicy Honey-Brushed Chicken Thighs, Sweet and Sour Chicken and the one I chose to make, Amy’s Chicken Salad.  Part of the reason I chose Amy’s Chicken Salad was, I was asked by Maisie’s gym to make lunch for the judges at a gymnastics meet the gym was hosting and they happened to request chicken salad on croissants so what better time to try out a new recipe.

IMG_3728e1One thing that I really liked about Amy’s recipe was that she made it sound adaptable to whatever added ingredients you’d choose to include.  I have to say that this chicken salad was the hands down best chicken salad I’ve ever eaten and it only got better the second day once all the flavors really came together.   I really loved the sweet little bites of apple and cranberry and the little added cinnamon crunch of the cashews was always a nice surprise.  The combination of yogurts, sour cream & mayonnaise gave a creamy richness and because I used some honey yogurt, just a touch of sweetness.  This is now my go-to chicken salad recipe and I know that this summer it will be served time and time again in wraps, sandwiches and atop salads.

IMG_3726e1 Fruit, Nut & Poppy Seed Chicken Salad (Adapted from here) 

In a large bowl mix the yogurts, sour cream and mayonnaise together.  Add the chicken, dried cranberries, apple, cinnamon cashews and poppy seeds and mix together.  Enjoy immediately or for even better flavor, cover and refrigerate overnight. 


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  1. Sound fantastic-good pick. We enjoyed your scallops in creamy pesto that I made from your blog this month! Aloha, Susie

  2. Wonderful salad! Yum! Especially with that Croissant :-)

  3. This looks great, the honey yogurt is an interesting addition. I love lots of stuff in my chicken salad, so you had me from go!

  4. Oh, this chicken salad looks wonderful! Great flavors, love the poppy seeds! :)

  5. I love chicken salad and this version looks so good. I can't wait to try it.

  6. Wow this chicken salad looks awesome! I often have difficulty making a good chicken salad but I'm putting this one on my list! Love the flavor profile.

  7. This looks amazing...I love adding different things to chicken salad, and eating it on a croissant is the BEST :)

  8. My love for chicken salad has only recently developed, and this recipe looks like a winner. Great SRC pick!

  9. Looks yummy and you made it my favorite way - in a croissant!

  10. I like the addition of dried cranberries in this salad. Yum!

  11. ooh, i love chicken salad. sounds like a great version!

  12. This sounds so flavorful and I like that it uses Greek yogurt.

  13. I threatened to make this for Rob for dinner and he nearly had a heart attacked. In his opinion, it is a "girl" sandwich. LOL! I'll give it a try, though!

  14. I love chicken salad made sweet and savory, but I've never tried it with nuts, poppy seeeds and a combo of greek yogurt AND mayo. I can't tell even begin to tell you how amazing it looks, Lisa. That is a sandwich I could have every day for lunch - fantastic SRC choice. That said..I hope you and Maisie are feeling better xo

  15. Yum! The most exotic I've ever gotten with my chicken salad is adding water chestnuts but this looks delicious.

  16. What a great sandwich. I'm pinning this one.

  17. It made my mouth water just to read this! I really love chicken salad that has some sweetness in it and those cashews are something I pretty much need in my life, with or without the salad! Great post!

  18. The sandwich looks mouthwatering-ly good! I have a lot of poppy seed lying around, should definitely try this out. Lovely pick for the SRC!


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  20. This looks wonderful! I love a good Chicken Salad! I would like to invite you to share this, and any other posts, on my link party at Have a great weekend.


  21. What a great chicken salad variation! Great SRC pick!

  22. My mouth waters with these photo!


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