Saturday, August 18, 2012

Soup day

IMG_3062eWhen my reserve of Cheaters Chicken Soup starts to run low I know that it’s time for a full day of chicken roasting and soup making.  I recently happened upon a great sale on chicken, both on whole chickens and leg quarters so I stocked up and made a day of it.   

IMG_3018eTen pounds of leg quarters and twenty seven pounds of whole chickens, ready to become “Rotisserie” Chicken.

IMG_3026eAfter five hours in the oven the entire house smelled delicious.  The skin was crispy and the meat, juicy and tender.  I let everything cool enough so that I could easily handle it.  I then got to work and put into separate bowls, the skin, the white meat and the dark meat.  I put all the bones and pan juices into a huge stockpot and along with some vegetables and garlic I rendered everything I could from the bones before discarding them, and made my Cheaters Chicken Soup

IMG_3053eI don’t like to let anything go to waste especially when I can make it into something wonderful.  So I slowly cooked up the skin in a fry pan until it was delicious crackling, a perfect crunchy topping for the soup.

IMG_3055eMy freezer is now nicely stocked with the roasted chicken meat and plenty of Cheaters Chicken Soup. Using my FoodSaver I packaged the chicken meat in one pound portions so it’s ready to be used in soup or other recipes.  The Cheaters Chicken Soup I packaged two cups to a bag and froze the bags flat so that’s now available to pull out to use in recipes or for when we want a nice bowl of homemade soup.  I’ll tell you, all the soup served us well recently when Maisie had her surgery and Eammon had pneumonia as both only wanted soup to eat for a few days.  I was happy to eat the soup plain and Maisie & Eammon enjoyed it with the addition of some chicken and rice noodles.

From my original 37 pounds of chicken I ended up with:

8.2 pounds of roasted dark meat

4.6 pounds of roasted white meat

10.1 ounces of crackling and

Over 3 gallons of Cheaters Chicken Soup, fifty-one cups to be exact.

Not bad for less than $25 and a days work.



  1. Nothing beats homemade chicken soup when I'm sick or on rainy days like today. Looks so delicious. Yummy!

  2. Mmmmmmmm! Your soup looks fantastic and very delicious!

  3. This soup sounds delicious. I can't wait to try it. How do you freeze the soup flat in the foodsaver?

    1. Hi Pam,

      I freeze the roasted chicken meat in the FoodSaver bags. For the soup I use Ziplock bags, I try to get out as much air as possible and then I lay them flat in the freezer stacked on top of on another until frozen and then I store them whatever way fits best in the freezer.



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