Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coffee Crusted Steak

I saw this recipe for coffee crusted steak on Kevin & Amanda’s site and thought, what an interesting idea, so I decided to give it a try.  I strayed a bit from their recipe in the cut of steak, kind of coffee, fat used and cooking method…but the idea of using coffee on a hunk of beef came straight from their site.

IMG_7854e1Coffee Crusted Steak served with Potato Salad with Bacon 

I had two beautifully well marbled New York strip steaks which I made sure were nice and dry.  I then sprinkled them with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper and then I went and looked at my stash of coffee.  I debated between the Guatemala Organic, the Rwandan blend, my favorite decaf or….
IMG_7874e Fresh Market’s dessert coffee, Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa. 

Now Kevin & Amanda used a hazelnut coffee and I liked the idea of using a flavored coffee but I almost totally wimped out.  Instead I threw caution to the wind and heavily coated the steaks with my chocolate coffee.  I then misted the steaks with some olive oil and placed them on a roaring hot grill.  Three minutes on the first side, flipped them and then one minute on the second.  I let them rest tented for about 10 minutes and they were a perfect medium rare.

Am I glad that I tried coffee crusted steaks and even more that I used a chocolate flavored coffee?  Heck YES!!  The coffee added a whole new dimension to the flavor of the steak and the little hint of chocolate was just an added depth of flavor which was wonderful.  When I served the steak Eammon asked what they were coated with but I wouldn’t tell him until he tried it.  He had no clue even after tasting that it was coffee but he and I really both really enjoyed this preparation.

Coffee Crusted Steak  (adapted from here)

2 – 10 oz. well marbled New York strip steaks
sea salt to taste
fresh cracked pepper to taste
flavored ground coffee of your choice
olive oil

Season steaks with salt & pepper and then cover with ground coffee.  Lightly mist with olive oil.  Place on a very hot grill and cover.  Cook for three minutes covered then flip steak and cook uncovered for an additional minute or until done to your liking.  Remove to a plate and tent loosely with foil and allow to rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.



  1. I saw coffee crusted steak once on the menu at my favorite, local restaurant and I was totally intrigued; I like coffee and I like steak! Something else must have caught my eye more, though, because I didn't order it. The next time I buy steaks, I'll give your recipe a try. I bet I will love it.

  2. This is such a novel idea - coffee crusted steaks :-). I should certainly give it a try! Brilliant

  3. I found this recipe today, and made some filet mignon in this manner, it was incredible, served with a chimichurri on the side. I used a flavored coffee. A keeper!


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