Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grandma’s Teriyaki Steak

I grilled steak the other night and Maisie just couldn’t get enough of it asking for seconds and then thirds!  Amazing for a little girl who generally shuns protein in favor of carbs but she was all about eating this steak.  At one point she asked me where I got the recipe and I told her from Grandma, that my mother used to make this steak when I was a little girl.  To which Maisie replied, “Grandma sure is a good cook because this steak is delicious!”  Yep, Grandma has some good recipes and this is one of them.

IMG_9246eI of course have loved this steak for years and though I’ve changed my Mom’s recipe a bit it’s still essentially the same and always delicious.  I use this marinade on various cuts of beef so use whatever steak is your favorite.  I bought a large package of steak, split it in half putting half in my Food Saver marinating pan and the other half in a Food Saver bag.  I then divided the marinade between the two packets.  For the steak in the bag I popped it into the freeze so that the marinade could freeze before I sealed it up and now it’s ready to be pulled at a future date, all marinated and perfect for the grill.  With the steak in the marinating tray I used the machine and then allowed the steak to marinate in the refrigerator overnight.  I can’t say that using the marinating tray and sucking all the air out really imparts more flavor than just letting the meat marinate in a zipper bag but since I have the machine I use it.  Either way, the marinating pan or the zipper bag, I let my meat marinate overnight and it’s just perfect.

IMG_9257eMaisie was a champion eater finishing off a jacket potato, Roasted Enoki and three servings of Teriyaki Steak! 

IMG_9275eMy happy steak eating girl.

IMG_9251eGrandma’s Teriyaki Steak

4 lbs. steak of your choice
1 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup vegetable oil
4 TBS. Whey Low Granular, or sugar 
1/4 cup grated fresh ginger
2 tsp. dry mustard
6-8 cloves of fresh garlic

Place the soy sauce, vegetable oil, sugar, ginger, dry mustard and garlic in a blender and process until smooth.  Pour over steak and marinate for at least four hours but preferably overnight.  Cook steak as desired, I cooked ours quickly on a roaring hot grill and then let it sit tented for 15 minutes before slicing.



  1. Steak makes me giddy whenever it shows up on our dinner menu. This is a marinade recipe I'll need to bookmark. Yummy!

  2. Oh I haven't had steak in forever! But I love teriyaki marinades like this!

  3. Dinner looks great but your little girl is cute as a button. Andi

  4. That steak is cooked just the way I like it.


  5. I just bought the foodsaver myself and it came with the meat marinator. I will have to try this marinade. Grumpy loves his meat to be cooked the way yours is cooked too...I need meat cooking lessons. lol I tend to cook mine until its really cooked because I'm afraid of blood. ;)

  6. Maisie is a DOLL! And your steak sounds amazing. My youngest learned to love steak and he still looks for it on the menu when we're out for dinner (wait till he has to pay for it himself!!).

  7. This looks delicious! Your daughter is a cutie!

  8. Your photos had me drooling. What great looking steak!

  9. Your teriyaki steak looks really delicious! No wonder your child is beaming from ear to ear!

  10. Aimee is so cute! I usually buy bottled marinades, but I would love to try Grandma's recipe.

  11. That looks like a great, easy marinade for a steak. Nice job!

  12. Nice steak marinade, look forward to trying this weekend. Thanks

  13. Fantastic idea to marinate when putting it in your foodsaver and freezing. I don't have a foodsaver but I am tempted to try this anyway!


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