Monday, August 6, 2012

Chicken Satay Noodle Salad

IMG_5135e I have been participating in The Secret Recipe Club since June of last year and still each month I’m excited to receive my assignment so I can immediately start stalking my assigned blog searching for the recipe I want to make and feature.  This month was no different and when I received my assignment of Barbara’s Barbara Bakes I immediately started perusing her extensive list of recipes.  Finding the “one” recipe that I wanted to make was quite difficult as Barbara’s recipe list is quite extensive and so many caught my eye including zucchini bacon & cheese fritters, her braised beef short ribs and funeral potatoes (because the one time I had them they were oh-so-delicious) or one of her Daring Cooks recipes, boeuf bourguignon…yum!  Then there was her Cafe Rio sweet pork barbacoa which really called my name because I LOVE eating at Cafe Rio when I’m out visiting friends in Utah, it’s my favorite and one day I will make Cafe Rio’s sweet pork barbacoa as well as the other recipes which I bookmarked from Barbara’s site.  In the end I decided to make Barbara’s chicken satay noodle salad, a perfect meal for a hot Georgia summer night. 

IMG_5136eBecause I can never leave any recipe as it is, I did make a few changes to Barbara’s recipe but really so that it fit better with our diets and just little taste changes.  For the taste changes I used cilantro instead of parsley because I love the flavor of cilantro with satay and then as Barbara didn’t specify a hot pepper sauce I decided to use two different ones, Thai Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce and Sriracha.  To fit better with our diets I omitted the oil, used sugar free honey and I switched out Barbara’s whole wheat spaghetti for Shirataki noodles as I’m avoiding carbs and with Maisie and her allergies, the Shirataki noodles fit both our diets.

This dish easily came together as I had most of the ingredients in the house and this recipe was a perfect way to use some of the chicken I froze the last time I made my “Rotisserie” Chicken.  Also, since I decided to make this as a cold noodle salad it all came together in one bowl so my clean up was easy-peasy.

This recipe was simple and delicious with the wonderful contrasting sweet, sour, salty & spicy flavors that I love in Thai food.  This salad was a hit with all of us and I can see it gracing our table many nights to come.

IMG_5140e Chicken Satay Noodle Salad (adapted from here)

In a large bowl whisk together the peanut butter, honey and tamari.  Add the lime juice & zest, hot pepper sauces and garlic then whisk until smooth.  Add the noodles, carrots and chicken and fold to mix.  Gently fold in the spinach, green onions, peanuts & cilantro.  Top with additional cilantro and peanuts for serving.


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  1. A perfect summer meal. So glad you enjoyed the recipe. Thanks for all the link love!

  2. This looks FANTASTIC! I'm another Cilantro lover, so a perfect addition/substitution in my book! Yum! Great SRC pick this month!

  3. Oh, super yum! I think I will be making this later this week. Thanks!

  4. I love Barbara's site and this looks and sounds great!

  5. This looks great! Love the cilantro in it.

  6. This is one of my all time favorite dishes. Beautiful photo. Barbara is a great person to get. She makes incredible stuff as do you. A good team.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This salad looks SO yummy - I am a huge fan of chicken satay, and love combining it with noodle salad, great idea. Great choice for SRC this month!

  9. That is exactly the kind of dinner I could have over and over again, love Thai flavors.

  10. Love the Thai flavours in this salad! Noodles, peanuts, sriracha... what's not to love?? :)

  11. This sounds delicious Lisa! Pinning to try this one soon! I would love for you to share this at Mom's Test Meal Mondays!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  12. Wow, what a great & healthy dish! Great job!

  13. Sounds great! Good call on the cilantro. My family loves this combination of flavors as well.

  14. Peanut noodles! SO So good! I could eat this every night :)

  15. Amazing! I wish I was eating this right now lol. I can't wait to try my own version!

  16. That does look like a great summer meal.

  17. This salad looks wonderful! Great choice! Thanks for visiting my SRC recipe, and I love Cafe Rio too! It's my favorite!

  18. This looks heavenly! I haven't had breakfast yet and I so wish I had this!!!

  19. This salad looks unbelievably good!! I can't wait to pin this to try out ASAP!! Great choice. :)

  20. To be completely honest, I am not really a fan of how this salad looks, but the combination of ingredients really interests me to try it out! It has peanut butter, soy sauce, chili pepper sauce and honey! This is really weird sounding but quite interesting! Thank you for sharing this recipe!


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